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Artist Booking

Artist Booking As a premier full-service artist management and music marketing firm, we manage an exceptional international portfolio spanning genres from pop and electronic to rock and fusion. Our dedication lies in discovering talent and joining hands with clients, aiming to maximize both business and creative prospects for artists at every stage of their career. At HP Events, we pledge to equip talents with all essential tools and amenities, ensuring the production of top-tier content.
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Management Boasting over a decade of industry-specific expertise, HP Events stands ready to guide your event from its nascent concept to a grand finale. Our unwavering support accompanies clients at every phase, bolstered by a seasoned network that spans the globe. Our deep-rooted industry insights and connections empower us to curate exceptional events, be they regional, global, in-person, virtual, or a hybrid mix. No matter the magnitude or format, we pledge an engaging and enveloping event experience.
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Marketing & PR

Marketing & PR Through our established connections and extensive experience in marketing within the media and entertainment industry, including the utilisation of BTL campaigns coupled with social media marketing, and other advertising and promotional channels, we support artists with marketing tactics and strategies expanding their audience reach. We arrange for interviews, public and private appearances as well as exclusive invites to notable events all over the world, effectively strategising your PR and marketing output.
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Production Our expertise stretches across organizing, producing, and managing logistics for events, from intimate gigs to expansive national and international tours. We meticulously handle technical, hospitality, and security riders, ensuring adherence to licensing requirements and timely delivery of instruments and equipment. Additionally, we secure necessary work permits and visas for artists, bands, and crews, while also meeting management's expectations in terms of travel and accommodations.
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Staffing HP Events stands at the forefront of comprehensive event staffing, from media crew and technical logistics to security teams and ushers. Our all-encompassing service is tailor-made, designed with the expertise gained from managing large-scale, interactive, and eagerly awaited live events. Trust in us to provide elite event crew and staff, as we serve some of the world's most renowned event companies and venues.
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Legal Support

Legal Support Navigating the complexities of the entertainment and event production landscape requires nuanced legal understanding. At HP Events, we extend expert legal advice tailored for artists, managers, and event producers. From licensing, visas, venue agreements, and PLI/ELI to PRS, sponsorship arrangements, media contracts, and handling claims or complaints, our guidance is comprehensive. With our rich history in the industry, we're adept at addressing diverse legal challenges, ensuring a smooth production journey from inception to culmination.
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Box Office

Box Office At HP Events, we elevate your ticketing experience. Our premier platform streamlines ticket sales and payment processes, allowing organizers real-time access to event pages, insightful sales analytics, and more. Our cutting-edge software facilitates swift customer responses, backed by round-the-clock customer service. On event day, organizers can effortlessly review scanned tickets and monitor unoccupied seating, ensuring complete oversight and efficiency.